.Who we are

We are a small but dynamic company offering IT solutions. We call ourselves system innovators in that we seek, together with our stakeholders, to combine multiple solutions to achieve the goals that are required of us.



We are focused in the market of small and medium-sized enterprises. We mainly offer support on the HW and SW platforms of major vendors.



We can virtualize your infrastructure in a virtual environment on the best VMware, Hyper-V and Xen platforms. We also operate on the desktop virtualization front with VMware view.

Cloud services

We work with major cloud providers to offer all our customers the benefits of cloud solutions, with substantial savings over hosted/housed solutions.

Data Security

Data is a company’s wealth, which is why it must be kept safe. We offer all those services related to data security, creating ad hoc projects for safeguarding and high availability. We specialize in both local and cloud backup.

Open source

Open source solutions offer great opportunities for savings, but unfortunately they are little known to companies. We are able to give support on everything in the linux/open source world, being able to offer excellent solutions with very low costs.


Our best quality: knowing how to listen to needs ! Give us confidence, and we can amaze you with cutting-edge solutions that are sure to pay off. In addition, our certifications are the best guarantee of our work.