Our main services are:
– sale of hardware and software equipment
– implementation of IT projects
– consolidation of infrastructure
– backup and disaster recovery

.How we operate

Our pivotal principle is to listen to the needs of our interlocutor, to incorporate our experience in achieving the goal.

Plan & design

In this first phase we gather the customer’s needs, including infrastructure issues. This phase is very important for us, so that we do not then make a mistake in sizing the solution we will propose.


Once we find the most suitable solution, we submit it for your judgment and, together with you, define the improvement points of the project. At this stage “unity is strength,” as it is in everyone’s interest to find the best solution.


The testing phase involves the “deployment” of the solution. The solution becomes real and put into pre-production, to test its limitations or possible problems. Performance monitoring is critical to achieving the goal.


After the project is implemented, the solution is brought into production. At this stage you already need to think about your next project.

.Our seriousness

Our way of dealing with even complex problems compared to other companies gives us an edge. The solutions we propose are agile, fast and scalable, thus ensuring secure investments over time. That is why we approach our customers with the best of technologies, which the market can offer.


We are the ideal partner to bring complex virtualization projects to fruition. We operate on vmware/ Xen/ hyper-V.

Specialist support

We best organize in-house support for it issues, from first-level helpdesk to specialized system support.

Remote monitoring

We operate remote monitoring of client facilities to prevent any malfunction. We generate activity reports and alerts from internal it structures. We also provide log management for system administrators, with the most suitable tools.


We offer complete management for cloud services (office 365, online exchange, etc.), virtual environments, remote backup services (Backup As A Service), disaster recovery, and virtual servers. We also offer on premise client virtual machines.