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Our goal is to integrate our expertise in the solutions of our primary partners with the needs of the companies in which we operate. We can choose from free or paid solutions, always in tune with the client’s requests and needs. Our certifications are our best calling card and guarantee of our professionalism.

.Why choose us

We can’t do everything, but what we can do we do well. We are confident that the success of a project comes from the collaboration that is established in the design phase. Even the most difficult and complex projects can be handled easily. The technical certifications and experience of our staff are our best quality and a guarantee that we have a team of IT experts at our disposal.


Vmware professional partner

We are vmware partners and have VCP, VMSTP, VMSP certified technicians, which are the best guarantee of professionalism. In vmware environments we have achieved great results at our customer base, and that is why we consider virtual environments to be the present and the future of IT.

Microsoft partners

We are microsoft partner certified. We can offer all the solutions that microsoft has in its product portfolio. It starts from office 365, the azure cloud, the sale of open licenses. For this brand, too, our certifications are a sign of our professionalism.

Veeam partners

Veeam has always been synonymous with virtual environment backup. That is why, in our projects, we never forget to include a product like veeam backup and replication. In addition to having the necessary certifications to choose the best solution, we also operate in the cloud through one of the most well-known cloud providers. We are thus able to have local, hybrid or cloud solutions for backup and disaster recovery.

Acronis authorized partner

Many people know acronis for its excellent backup/imaging products. Acronis currently boasts a range of technologies and solutions spanning both the physical and virtual worlds, covering from the single location to enterprise environments. Acronis’ solutions are the best you can find on the market. Why not try them with our support ???